About Me


I’m a new mom, casual athlete and 80% vegan (can’t give up sushi). I like local healthy food, almond milk and kale smoothies, good wine and  fancy cocktails (when I’m not breastfeeding of course), using natural products and remedies (often homemade), naps (with and without my daughter), road races and triathlons, traveling and living by the ocean in Maine.

I don’t like chain restaurants, anywhere America (you know the towns that look like they could be in any state in the nation), shopping malls, mini-vans, fried food, wheat and dairy (I’m allergic), processed food, using drugs when they aren’t needed, and really cold weather (I know, I know, I live in Maine. That’s why I travel in the winter.)

This is about raising a child, natural living, good food, travel and activities in and around Maine and when I’m lucky, outside the State.

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