Monthly Archives: April 2012

Healthy Option in Waterville

I travel around the State for work and finding healthy food (let alone vegan and gluten free) is tough! Today I visited Sebasticook Family Doctors in Newport. I was advised to head back to Waterville to find decent food, but please do tell if you know of anything good. Good for me of course means […]


The New Maine Spring

In Maine there have always been four seasons – fall, winter, mud season and summer. While the cherry blossoms bloom in our nation’s capital and the trees are budding in Central Park, here in Maine we’re usually getting a late snowstorm or trudging through ankle deep mud on our way to just about anywhere. Why […]

Finding Local Food in Cancun is a Chore

We spent the last two nights before our flight back to Maine in Cancun at the JW Marriott. It was a very nice resort, but wished I was back in Tulum the whole time we were there. The partial view of the ocean, the screaming children in the pool, the AC, and chain restaurants (yes […]

Vacation in Tulum

AmyinMaine recently got out of dodge to visit Tulum, Mexico. It’s about an hour and half south of Cancun by car, away from the mega resorts of Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Now unless you are partial to tropical camping trips, you probably haven’t heard of this place. Some friends introduced us to it about […]