Teething Terrors and Other Bedtime Stories

Never ever, ever say that your baby is sleeping through the night. They'll stop!

Never ever, ever say that your baby is sleeping through the night. They’ll stop!

Your baby is finally sleeping more than 3 hours at a time, you’ve mastered diaper changes, nursing and the car seat , and you’ve learned to take a shower, eat three meals and check your email all in one day! You feel energized and are wearing the “I’m a super mom” grin on your face. You may even post a photo of your three month old and declare they “like sleeping through the night” (Like I did). Then Wham! They are crying all night, blowing out their diapers, drooling so much they get a rash on their face and constantly want your nipple in their mouth. Now begins the long process of teething.

There are breaks, but it pretty much lasts until the last tooth is in, or so I’m told, we still have eight more to go. It was Mads vs. the molars in our house for the past month. Three decided to come though at the same time and then the last one took another three weeks to finally poke through! These have been by far the worst looking. Her gums were swollen, red and raw. However, her mood and sleep is better than with the first few sets. Back then she was up three times a night vs. one or two.

So how do you and your little one get through teething? Besides mommy drinking lots of wine of course. I’ll tell you what helped our little one cope and hopefully some if it works for you too.

The amber teething necklace – Make sure it is authentic and then never take it off. My daughter has worn it since she was 3 months old. I took it off once and lost it. Spent two sleepless night before a replacement arrived at my doorstep. I was skeptical about it at first, but tried anyway. Instant change! Less drool, more sleep and less crankiness overall.

Chamomile Tea – Make sure it is organic and non-GMO of course. Put it in the fridge till cold and let them suck it out of a washcloth. This is probably the number one thing that works for us when we need a instant fix.

Frozen carrot – I just tried this a few weeks back. I was timid to do it when she was younger because of possible choking. Mads was a late eater, which made no sense because she is way ahead in the teething schedule. She loved it. Chewed away for 30 mins happy as can be after waking up early from her nap crying and clinging to me for close to an hour. I’ve done it a few times since with similar results.

Camilia Homeopathic Remedy – I don’t like the Hyland’s Teething tablets, which is the most well-known homeopathic preparation. I used them in the beginning before I talked with a homeopathist. Those tablets have three different remedies in them, which most babies probably don’t need. Coffea Cruda is for hyperactivity or sleeplessness and Belladonna is for high fevers. I’ve used Coffea Cruda by itself a few times when Mads just hasn’t been able to fall asleep because we’re traveling or had some other change in routine, but not just for teething pain. I’ve had luck with both the regular 12C pellets and the liquid from Boiron. Just don’t give it too much. If you use homeopathic remedies too much they can actually have the opposite effect.

Cold water – Sometimes all it takes is some cold water in a sippy cup to ease the pain. Maddie likes the ones with a soft nipple that she can chew on too.

Anything to chew on – Find that kid something to chew on before they chew the furniture. No seriously, they will! Sophie the Giraffe, Lifefactory Teethers and Chewy Q’s have been the favorite chew toys in this house.

Maddie with her Chewy Q

Maddie with her Chewy Q

Ibuprofen – As a last resort, I’ve given Maddie Ibuprofen. I’ve been giving her half a dose and it seems to work. I’ve only really had to use it at night to help her either go to sleep or stay asleep. The molars have been the only teeth for which she’s needed it pretty regularly. I got some compounded at our local pharmacy, Apothecary by Design with no extra crap in it. That means it tastes like crap too, but she loves it. Go figure. This kid also loves sardines, seaweed and broccoli.

We’ve got eight more teeth to go, so I’ll update this with any new tricks I learn along the way. Happy chewing!

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